PWNA - Who authorized this?

That is a lie, you were there on tgs when the bashing threads were happening, you were involved in them so don't tell us you were not. You were bashing many of us from PWI so don't tell me you were gone, you were there, we all saw you bashing us so don't lie here and say you were gone because you were in those threads bashing us you liar.

Too bad we cannot still see the threads and too bad I don't have screenshots but maybe some of the other members that you were bashing have screen shots. I don't know but I know you were there bashing us so don't ever call me a liar, if you can read between the lines. You were there bashing us and you know it and don't change the story and don't try to mis-direct anymore as we all are tired of it and see it clear as day.

Fight? Really? That is funny calling words on a screen a fight, obviously you have not been in fights before if you call this a fight. hahahahaha
I guess you grew up in the overly protected part of town if you call this a fight. O Well. Don't ever go to the bad part of town, you will probably provoke someone and not even realize it and end up robbed, in the hospital and violated. Stick to being behind the screen where you are safe and protected, don't go out in public and start this type of nonsense as people in public will not tolerate it and you will not like what happens.

I don't know why you are trying to appear to be the innocent person being attacked here, maybe for sympathy? It won't work as many have seen what you are doing and it will not work a second time. Everyone is tired of what you are doing.

Here you were crying and begging to be back here and we give you another chance and you are doing the same stuff as before, it is just a matter of time. Remember what I wrote, don't call me a liar ever again.

When people call you out on what you are doing, that is not attacking you, that is not being vicious against you, that is just calling you out on the stuff you are doing so either put on your big boy panties or move on because contractors that have been harassed, had their businesses attacked and lost money are not going to let that stuff happen again and they will not sit around and let some person like you say it did not happen, the bpm shopping did not happen and the other things that we all witnessed that affect many contractor's businesses you say you have doubts......that is like calling everyone here a liar because you don't want to get off your lazy azz and read the proof, you are upsetting a lot of contractors to say the least and that is not something you want to do here, many contractors even in california were affected by what has happened until Ron, Doug and the other staff at the UAMCC can start to get things straightened out and make things better, even for you over there so don't ever claim this stuff did not happen or that you have doubts because none of us like being called liars, you are playing with serious fire here with that nonsense.

This is not a threat as I don't threaten people but this is a promise, you don't mess with people's businesses and call them liars, Karma and other things will come around like it always does and probably in a way that you will not like. People are tired of what you are doing and saying and calling them liars, soon it might be the last straw for some.
In spite of what it looks like Kristopher is trying to read the posts.

We spoke tonight and it is apparent that his "reasonable doubts" come from his not being able to decipher dozens of pages of information.

I am humbly asking you guys to give him some time to read it all first.

He would like a thread where he and I can converse in public about this without his questions being belittled by others who already know the whole story.

I would like to point out the fact that Kristopher is a mod on the board that just banned Scott Stone, the UAMCc env director. I would hope that when this is all over and he sees what a good man and great contractor Scott is he would apologize for his part in that.

Meanwhile we can wait for his questions if you guys don't mind.

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I am willing to give anyone benefit of doubt. When I come across someone I have never met, I start reading that person by their actions in the ways they communicate, how they treat others, things they say about life in general, their attitude, etc... I don't have anything personal against Kris. He is who he is. He is whining about how he is being treated here. Maybe he forgot about the way he treated me last year on this board. I never whined about it though and I never held it against him and still don't. I guess my point is that I feel that he has nothing to give but the same kind of drama type crap that I have seen on other boards. I still read on other boards but do not post on them. I do not read on TGS anymore because of all the BS drama that is stirred up there. Kris has came back to this board and brought that crap here with him trying to stir up trouble. IMO. Anybody looking for truth would have came here asking the tough, serious questions instead of trying to change rules and such to benefit there own agenda. His actions on this board now and in the past are the same. Stirring the drama pot. His actions over at TGS, the same. Stirring the drama pot. He will have a hard road to hold proving himself worthy of the kind of relationship that most of us would like to have with one another. Again, IMO. I wish you well Kris.
There's nothing going on in this thread that you didn't foster with your responses. If you have now discussed your concerns with Tony it might be appropriate to share your thoughts before leaving in such a way as to portray yourself as a victim.
I honestly don't believe him for one second.

He is the same person as before, doing the same b.s. he did before, most people don't change, they might fool you for a while but most always go back to the person they were.

He knows what went on, he read the threads, he is just playing games or is the puppet for someone else, either way, just someone to cause people to get aggravated and act like he is not doing anything wrong.
Tony asked you boys if we give Kris a bit to research , I guess we need to keep in mind this is stuff we have dealt with for years. Might be for others it overwhelming

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He has been in this industry just as long if not longer than I have. He has had plenty of time to research if he REALLY cared. He is not concerned with the health of this industry. He is only here for his own personal agenda. His words and his attitude are proof of that.
He has been in this industry just as long if not longer than I have. He has had plenty of time to research if he REALLY cared. He is not concerned with the health of this industry. He is only here for his own personal agenda. His words and his attitude are proof of that.

He has Certainly rubbed a few People the wrong way for sure, but out of respect to Tony asking we give him a bit.

Trust Me I felt similar to you Rance, Tony convinced me he is sincere.

Now will see if the Next few days!!!!

Here is one of the email threads sent to Nevada regulators.

After asking the regulators repeatedly to answer the 34 leading questions that make us look like polluters (including a direct reference to my son's youtube page as an example of a polluter) the Nevada regulator responds with the following sending him a link to our simple, easy to follow BMPs:

To Which Robert responds with another barrage of the same questions:

After Which he attaches a complete copy of the PWNA BMPs for them to consider instead (I wont post that here, except for the last page)

REMEMBER: WE WILL NOT SHOP THE BMPS and also note THE USE OF THE UAMCC LOGO with full knowledge he was removed from his position at the UAMCC. Also, notice the UAMCC BOD listed:

My next post will show how the PWNA goes about butchering a good BMP.
I got a couple of them, I guess I was not purged from their list when they demanded money many times after the membership I had (won 6 months and paid 6 months a while back) expired and I did not want to pay to be a member again after all the crap that they were doing again. Seems like every so many years they have serious issues and a scandal or several and then things blow over and then they do it again, like history, they repeat their mistakes or have new ones happen over and over.