Surfactant and Detergent?

Looks like you missed some of the algae? Generally it will disappear within 15-20 minutes of treating it but it can take a little longer.
If you're sure you didn't miss anything then just wait till it rains a few times and then go check it.

It wasn't missed I think it was just thick on there. I've heard that rain will wash that away but I'm not sure if it will. You can't see it from the ground. I normally spot treat anything that is left but I guess I'll find out when it rains.

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Shipping is not $40 that is a shopping cart error. I think I pay like $25 for a 5 gallon pail. so it's $90 comes out to $18 a gallon. I used to use several different surfactants. Roof snot is the best IMO it rinses off windows like a dream. My first couple of orders from Russ at soutside the shipping calculator said something like $250. I found out that is the shopping cart tallying things separately. The shipping is in line with everybody else. I wpuldn't care if the shipping was $50 I'd still buy roof snot. You'll see if you do house washes. Having streaked windows is a pain and a nightmare. roof snot solved that.

Are you using roof snot in your house wash mix?

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