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Sounds good on a post but it's wishful thinking. Jerry McMillan,Pete Marentey, even a Ron Musgraves and Doug Rucker could fall into a Vendor do you eliminate them? Use all resources..because your going to need it.. IMHO.

You didn't read my post....ditto for Mr Musgraves. It's not wishful thinking, it's common sense.

I said "Represent the Org's".....think back to the joint press release, one man chairing the environmental committee of the two Org's, shopping BMP'.... and hundreds of pressure washers that were upset over this.

Here are a few examples just from this site....lots more here and across all the other forums.

Then, about a year and a half ago, I was asked to join the PWNA, and at the time, a specific request was made that I serve on the environmental committee. The first round of suggested environmental recommendations was done without my knowledge. I always thought that if you were asked to serve on a committee, it was because they wanted your expertise. I was evidently wrong, because a complete set of BMP's were developped, that were supposedly not going to be shopped around

I do not agree with Robert H. being the "Environmental Chairman" of the UAMCC. I have nothing against Robert and respect the Man Tremendously. But the fact is he is a Distributor, Retired or not, first and foremost a Distributor. This does not bode well for an Org. that touts its self as "By Contractors For Contractors".

Seriously.....sometimes I think some of you people here just disagree with posts based on who wrote it....

Ron Musgraves

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Robert does not want a program for us, its his or no one elses
Agree with most of what Ron is saying here except once again to depict a valuable resource in Robert now as a "Loan Gun man" doesn't work. See post above to Guy as to why that is... And these are opinions only on my part. Being in the negotiating positions in the past and when you think about this you are in a sense going to end up meeting somewhere in the middle if your need every resource you have that gives a darn..

This is the philosophical difference guys like Ron and people like myself have. Ron wants to be the smartest guy in the room.. He very well maybe.. I would rather have the smartest people all around me..and You hit "them" with that.

Use your resources.

Ron Musgraves

Exterior Restoration Specialist
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The thing about it is I agree with the "Spirit" of the letter....."We All Need To Work Together" I believe in this with all my heart....But.....I also believe this will never happen as long as the lies, misinformation & deception continue from Organizations, People or Contractors that claim to be working in the best interests of the Enviroment and/or the Contractor.

We as Contractors need to take the lead in this and stop the finger pointing, name calling & playing the blame game and start coming up with a solution to the damage that's been done.

We all Need to work together