We are thinking about the possibility of bringing on another Sub Contractor....

Tony Shelton

BS Detector, Esquire
I know you are having fun with this Chris, but you also know that I do not like to have more than two subs. I like my subs to make close to 90-100k each with me. Having another one is more of a challenge for me to make sure they make enough money. I do not know if I want to get that busy. To much stress.

So in 2009 Jim had one sub making (according to him) $90-100k. At that point he was looking for a second sub.


Wonder how much work Jim did with his own employees to supplement that one sub?

Maybe, since he is on here everyday reading the posts, he'd like to answer that on one of the boards that is desperate enough for members to allow him to post there.

I'm just bumping this now. I will come back and address it later.

Tony Shelton

BS Detector, Esquire
By this time many contractors should have subbed for Jim and should be able to comment on the experience.

According to the state of California Workers Compensation verification Jim has no employees.

Surely there must be at least one sub who has made at least a million in the past ten years.