What to charge


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I have been offered to bid on washing a local vending companies trucks and vans. I don't usually offer this kind of service but since things are rather slow right now I am considering it. What are the normal pricing charges of this service?

Do you just spray and go? Or do you actually scrub with a brush and dry the vehicle also?

Scott Stone

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It all depends. Pricing is a bit of a black art.
What do they want, and what are you willing to do?

If you brush you will not use as many Chemicals. I seldom dry a vehicle, but I use DI water. The water in your area is a lot softer naturally than the water here, so you might be able to get away with a wash, rinse and doing the windows and being done.

I will e-mail you with the way I figure prices, and you can take it from there.



Deck Care Pro
No Mike I didn't. After talking to the company and doing a little research I decided that it wouldn't be a profitable job to take on at this time.