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Colonial Soft-Wash offers Roof Cleaning Reading Pa and Pressure Washing Reading Pa services for all of your exterior cleaning needs.

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For discerning home owners, Pressure Washing is a very important project they realize needs to be performed in order to keep their curb appeal and equity safe . Home values can increase by as much as 10% simply by hiring a professional Pressure Washing Company to clean the exterior of their homes. Home owners realize that having this required maintenance performed will also add instant curb appeal and helps a home sell faster if they are in the market to do so.

When Pressure Washing Services are performed correctly by a professional house cleaning company, the results are much more noticeable than if a under trained handy person was hired because a Pressure Washing Company performs these tasks everyday. Would you want a general surgeon to operate on your heart or a specialist which only performs these types of tasks? Knowledge is gained through repetition. More knowledge has been gained by a specialist who deals these types of projects day in and day out. Safely removing dirt, grime, mold, and mildew from the exterior of your homes surface which can and will cause rot and decay of the building materials that make up your home is the reason to hire an Exterior Cleaning Professional.

Professional Power Washing services are not going to be able to compete with the bargain prices college kids or handy people provide. The lowest price is what they offer with no real results that last. The plus side of hiring a professional is that they will use professional grade detergents along with the proper equipment to complete your job with no damage to your home. High PSI is something that should be avoided when cleaning your homes exterior except for concrete. Heavy pressure is something we never use when cleaning an exterior surface. We employ specially calibrated pumps that will apply and rinse clean your homes surface with ultra low pressure just like a garden hose. The secret is in the flow of water as well as using detergents that rinse clean and have the proper algaecides needed to not only kill surface mold, but the spores as well.

Colonial Soft-Wash is a 4th generation customer service company that can be reached for all projects covering Reading Pa and all of Berks County.

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