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Safe Non-Pressure Roof Cleaning Explained!

Colonial Soft-Wash only uses ARMA approved safe non-pressure Roof Cleaning techniques to make those black streaks and ugly roof stains vanish. By selecting Colonial Soft-Wash, you are selecting a professional Roof Washing company that only uses quality Shingle Cleaning detergents and specially calibrated equipment to deliver Roof Cleaning without damaging your shingles. Allow us To remove the mold from your roof and leave you with instant curb appeal.

We developed a Roof Cleaning detergent for our exclusive use we call Roof Revolution(TM) that limits the chance of damage to your roof.

Benefits of using Roof Revolution(TM)

We never use pressure to clean your shingle roofs. Below are reasons its a smart choice when you use Colonial Soft-Wash and our Roof Cleaning services . We protect you, your roof and your landscape as we also take extra precautions to pre-wet before we clean your roof and rinse all of your landscaping after the cleaning is finished.

  • Non-caustic and non-acidic.
  • Requires no scrubbing, no rinsing and no pressure washing...EVER!
  • Helps save water.
  • Safe for any outdoor surface.
  • We simply spray onto your shingles and the black streaks vanish!
  • Eliminates even the toughest cases of moss, algae, lichen, mold or mildew.
  • Long-lasting: Keeps the surface clean for at least 5 years!
  • Bio-degradable.

Colonial Soft-Wash offers Roof Cleaning Reading Pa and Pressure Washing Reading Pa services for all of your exterior cleaning needs.

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Colonial Soft-Wash offers Roof Cleaning Reading

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